What is a Root Domain?

What is a Root Domain? 

A root domain or main domain is the umbrella "body" of the website. This is what the website rests on. Every webmaster has a root domain. This is necessary to be able to put a website online. Everyone who starts a new website has to have a root domain registered at some point. At the same time you decide what your website will be called. You then have this name registered with a hosting company. The domain ultimately forms the root domain. But what exactly is a root domain? How do you choose one? What do you need to pay attention to? 

Definition of Root Domain

Determining the root domain for your future website is an important task. This is the organ of your website. Decisive for the technical SEO of your page. Decisive for the influence your website has on search engines. That is why it is so important that the root domain is chosen carefully. That people know what to look out for when choosing this main domain. 

It is important to know that a subdomain is different from a root domain. Here you actually add a kind of sub header if you consider your domain as a book. The title remains the same, but you add an extra dimension to the 'book' or in this case the webpage. Think, for example, of an external helpdesk system to give visitors to your website extra help. In that case, you do not want to buy a whole new domain, but you do want to build your own 'website'. In that case, a subdomain rests on the root domain. 

Which Root Domain do you choose? 

Choosing a good domain is therefore essential. But how do you know which domain name is the best choice? Here are a few tips: 

  • Use an important keyword in your domain name. This will immediately score points in the search engines, because people will search for it quickly and eagerly. This way, you immediately increase your online findability and brand awareness.
  • Choose the right country extension. Think for example of .nl, .be or .com. Which country extension you need, entirely depends on the way you're active in the Netherlands and abroad. Are you mainly active in the Netherlands? Then you should choose a .nl country extension. Do you want to work internationally? Then choose a .com. This way, you'll make sure you'll meet the right people.
  • Choose a Root Domain that is easy to pronounce and appeals to people immediately. Something they will remember. 


What to look out for and what steps are best to follow....

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