What is an anchor text?

What is an anchor text?

An anchor text is a text that is attached to a link. So this is an interactive text that is visible on a web page. When people click on this word (or sentence) they will be redirected to another page. This can be either an internal or an external page. An anchor text is thus linked to a hyperlink. Hyperlinks are indispensable on the wide web. They help users find the right information more easily. They don't have to search the whole wide web, but use valuable and above all relevant hyperlinks that are placed on web pages. An anchor text not only serves to increase the user-friendliness for the reader, but can also serve as a method for search engine optimisation. But how does it work exactly? What is an anchor text? How do you apply it?

Definition anchor text

With anchor text we don't mean the hyperlink, but the visible part of it. The hyperlink is 'hidden' in a text. This text is the anchor text. The link and at the same time the thing that explains the hyperlink (and whether it is worth clicking on). In some cases, a specific word or sentence is not chosen, but simply the URL. When the URL does not say anything directly to the reader, the link will often be linked to a clear word or several words that fit the link. For example, think of the anchor text 'buy a sofa' with a hyperlink to a furniture website.

Anchor text is primarily used to make things easier for the reader. The descriptive anchor makes it easier for them to navigate the wide web. After all, they usually arrive at your web page with a purpose. Looking for services, products or information. Then it's nice when they don't have to continue their search after reading your information, but can use the hyperlinks to navigate themselves easily to the most important pages.

Using an anchor text for SEO purposes

An anchor text can have different purposes. It is increasingly used in search engine marketing. However, it is important to use a descriptive anchor text and not just a URL, for example. In this way, you help your page to rise in the ranking and the texts are also easier for the web crawlers to assess. Moreover, the link is also attached to a relevant search term. This has a very positive effect on the search engine results. Moreover, visitors are more likely to click on the URL if they understand what site they are landing on and what information they can find.




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