What are authoritarian links?

Authoritative links play an important role in the link building of your website. When you start link building, it is not only important to collect as many links as possible, but the quality of these links plays an important role. Google uses the authority of a website to determine how important the link is. Some guidelines are used to determine the reputation of the website. Think for example of reviews, news articles and credible information that is written about that webpage from outside. Especially news websites and other big names on the wide web have a high authority. When a link from these websites is placed to your page, we speak of an authoritative link. Authoritative links have a great effect on the findability and authority of your own page. But what exactly are authoritative links and how do you obtain them? 

Definition authoritarian links 

We speak of authoritative links when links are placed from a website with a high regard in the search engines. Google wants to constantly improve the user experience. It does this by regularly adjusting the algorithm and at the same time only letting the websites with the highest quality end up at the top of the search results. These big names are not easily defeated. However, when they place a link to another website, Google attaches great value to this. A reliable, qualitative site that recommends your page, then Google must also value your site. An authoritative link is therefore very profitable for your page. More trust by Google and at the same time you reach a larger target group because your name is mentioned on a well visited page. 

How do you get authoritative links? 

Authoritative links can mean a lot for your position within the search results. For a good link building strategy they are indispensable. But how do you get authoritative links? This can be done in different ways: 

Writing good content: By sharing good and unique content on your website, you increase the chance that authoritative sites will pick up on this information and dare to link to it. This is by far the best way to do link building, because this is what Google likes. Anything else can be seen as illegally obtained links. If Google notices this, it can be punished with a Google penalty. This has serious consequences for your findability within this popular search engine.

Send out press releases: Are you launching a completely new product or a unique service that might be relevant for a website with a high authority? Then invest a lot of time in drafting a press release and send it to such sites. They can then decide for themselves whether to do anything with the information. With a bit of luck, it will earn you some authoritative links.

Guest blogging: Most major websites and blogs are open to guest blogging. A guest blog is a blog written by someone outside the regular editorial staff of a website or blog. This gives the website free access to good content. In return, the author often receives a link to his or her own page. 



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