What are external backlinks?

What are external backlinks? 

External backlinks or external links are links that point to a different website than the one on which they are placed. These are usually hyperlinks that are used to reinforce a certain article, to mention the source or serve as a form of disguised advertising. For instance, by posting an article about finding the right sofa and putting a hyperlink to a furniture shop here. External backlinks are exactly the opposite of internal link building. Links on the same domain are used. For example, a link from the home page to the contact page. But what exactly are external backlinks? And how important are these external links exactly? 

Definition external backlinks 

External backlinks are external links. This means that the links do not originate from the own domain, but point to another domain. Site A therefore refers to site B and not to a URL within the domain itself.

The internet can also be seen as a spider web. In this case all the threads are connected to each other. Links are used to help site visitors navigate better. Google attaches a great deal of importance to this. This applies to both internal and external backlinks. 

According to most SEO specialists, these kinds of links are essential for achieving a higher position within the search results. A lot of attention is therefore paid to increasing the amount of external backlinks. This can be done in various ways. 

Collecting backlinks 

External backlinks that point to your page are essential for obtaining a higher position within Google. That much is clear. But how do you ensure sufficient backlinks? Here are a few possibilities:

  • First of all, these links simply have to be earned. That means you have to share really valuable content on your website or blog. Information that is unique and really adds something to what can already be found online. That way, there is a greater chance that this information will also be shared on other large sites.
  • Press releases can also be written. News websites usually have a high domain authority. This will mean a lot for the trust flow of your page. Are you launching a new product or do you have something very newsworthy to share that is relevant to your website or blog? Share press releases with large or local news sites and incorporate an external link to your webpage.
  • Link exchange is also possible. This is where websites share links to help each other out. You have to be careful with this. Google is not allowed to see this as such. The ABC method may be able to help with this. 

Do you want to place external backlinks yourself? Always accompany them with a good anchor text to score higher in the ranking for specific keywords. 



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