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Paid media refers to platforms that are paid to be used. Examples include Google Ads, banners, commercials or influencer marketing. 

The advantage of paid media is that such channels often have a large reach, which means that the message is brought to the attention of a large target group and that you approach both warm leads and cold leads. When people are very enthusiastic, they can share the content, which is also called earned media. 

The disadvantage of paid media is that it requires an investment. One form is more expensive than the other. As far as influencer marketing is concerned, a nano-influencer asks a much smaller amount than a mega-influencer, but there is a big difference in the reach of the message and its impact. 

If you use paid media, it is important to link it to the right landing page and add a call to action. This way, a user will find exactly what he or she is looking for. It is also a good idea to monitor the results of the paid media. This is not only important for the return on investment, but also to check whether the paid media is reaching the right target group. Ultimately, of course, you want more conversions.



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