Email marketing

The term e-mail marketing encompasses all marketing actions solely through the e-mail channel. Email marketing is therefore more than just sending a newsletter. 

With e-mail marketing, companies send e-mails to prospects, leads or customers. The e-mail may contain news, offers, order confirmations or surveys. 

Email marketing is a form of owned media, because you have everything under control. 

A good e-mail contains at least:

  • An e-mail signature with important contact details;
  • Is designed in the house style, with a nice font and a logo;
  • Contains several backlinks to the website;
  • Has the right tone of voice;

Furthermore, it is important to prevent the e-mail from disappearing among the spam. Fortunately, there are strict guidelines, so the recipient must always give permission first before you can send a commercial e-mail. 

Email marketing can also be automated. In that case, an e-mail is automatically sent to the right person at the right time, for instance a birthday wish. Such automated e-mails are based on personal information and therefore often more relevant than a general newsletter. 

E-mail marketing is personal and therefore very effective. That is why e-mail marketing can significantly increase the turnover of a company. Because of this, email marketing is known for a high return on investment. E-mail marketing is therefore interesting for every marketing strategy, both for self-employed people and for B2C or B2B companies. You can easily carry out e-mail marketing yourself using a programme such as MailChimp. 




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