What is compatibel?

In conversations with an online marketer, you often find yourself with question marks in your eyes. Sometimes it seems like a completely different language is being spoken. Including strange abbreviations such as HTML, CSS or words like cross platform. No wonder it is sometimes a real hassle to make sense of your conversations. Another one: is the website compatible with the different operating systems? This question raises a lot of eyebrows. After all, what does compatible mean? And how do you make sure your site is compatible? 

Definition of compatible 

The definition of compatible is also 'compatible' or 'in agreement with each other'. In short, different things that are compatible with each other. This can really be anything. For example, this could refer to games that can be played on different operating systems. The game is then compatible for Mac and Windows, for example. 

The term compatible is also regularly used in the world of online marketing. Often when talking about the accessibility of the website. More than ever, it is important that websites can be viewed on different operating systems. Nowadays, there are hardly any people who crawl behind a laptop or desktop computer for every search. Most of the time, they quickly grab their tablet or phone. It is therefore important that your website is actually findable and that the response time (the first input delay) is not too slow. 

How do you make a website compatible with multiple operating systems? 

How do you make sure your site is compatible with multiple operating systems? How do you make your site mobile-friendly? There are many ways to do this. What is needed for your website depends entirely on what it looks like now. We have made some simple adjustments and tips for you: 

  • Try to avoid the use of Flash as much as possible. This will slow down the response time of your website and cause videos and images to load less smoothly. Instead, use the various options via Javascript.
  • Have the website designed based on the specific properties of different devices. Think for example of adjustments of the screen resolution.
  • Choose a responsive theme in WordPress. This is the easiest way to make your website accessible for different users. Moreover, it does not have to cost a lot of money. For a few tens of euros you can enjoy a website that is highly compatible with the various operating systems. If necessary, have a web designer inform you about this. 


What to look out for and what steps are best to follow....

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