Mega-influencers are influencers with a following of 1 million or higher. These influencers have a very large reach, with which they can make a big impact. This makes mega-influencers very influential. In fact, mega-influencers are the new celebrities. 

Although the use of mega-influencers can be a successful part of a marketing strategy, it is often very expensive to use them. For this reason, mega-influencers often work together with companies with high brand awareness and large marketing budgets, such as Coca Cola. 

Mega-influencers have high brand awareness and many followers, but this does not mean that their engagement is also high. Mega-influencers are not always personally accessible, because they are affiliated with a management. 

Nevertheless, when mega-influencers promote a product, the impact on the buying behaviour of their followers is great. Many followers will decide to buy the product, which will increase the company's conversions and turnover.



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