What are keywords?

If you want to spend more time on online marketing, you will automatically be overwhelmed by the need to use the right keywords. But what exactly are keywords? And how can they support your marketing campaign? 

Keywords are words that internet users enter into a search engine such as Google. These keywords formulate their request for help. For example, people in Amsterdam who are looking for a new summer coat will enter the search words: 'new summer coat Amsterdam'. In both SEO and SEA, it is important that your website scores on a number of keywords with a high search volume. These are keywords that are frequently searched for and are relevant to your page. When your website scores high on these keywords, it will also end up higher in the search results that internet users see. The higher you end up in the lists, the more traffic this will eventually generate. But what should you pay attention to when choosing the right keywords? And how has the use of keywords changed over the years? 

Definition of keywords 

Keywords are the words that are entered into Google to find a product, service or information. There are different types of keywords. There are search words that consist of only one word, but also search words that form almost a whole sentence. We also speak of Short Tail or Long Tail keywords. The more specific the keyword or keywords are, the more relevant the information the user sees. 

Keywords are therefore important to both internet users and the website owners themselves. It makes it easier for internet users to find relevant information. This is necessary, because the world wide web is far too big to search by yourself. For the website owners, it is also of great importance to be aware of the various keywords. By scoring higher with keywords with a high search volume, they will also reach the right target group. This makes the chance of more traffic a lot bigger. 

Quality more important to score on the search algorithm 

Throughout the years, much has changed when it comes to SEO. Where previously attention was mainly paid to the search algorithm, we now see that more time is given to the quality of the web pages that are linked to it. And that is a good thing. Google is increasingly able to pick out those websites that only want to score quickly on keywords. This is often punished with a penalty. With all its consequences. In order to end up higher in the search results, it is important that you show that the quality of your page is optimal. This is one of the reasons why it is more important than ever to hire an SEO specialist. 



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