Wat is technique optimisation?

A well-functioning website with all the necessary extras to improve accessibility. It seems so obvious, but it is anything but. A website that is technically sound requires an enormous amount of time and attention. Yet it is very important. With technical optimisation you lay the foundation for the visibility of your website. It makes little sense to invest a lot of money in SEO and SEA if the technology behind the website leaves much to be desired. 

With technique optimisation, all the technical parts of the website are examined. This is how you lay the foundation for all other SEO strategies that are applied. If the technique is not in order, this will have a great influence on the results that can be achieved. But what exactly is technique optimisation and how do you apply it? 

Definition technique optimisation 

The optimisation of the technique behind a website. That is the definition of technique optimisation. In short: the website is improved to make it more accessible for the user and more visible for search engines. 

Unfortunately, not every website owner sees the use of technique optimisation. This while - in our opinion - every SEO process should start with this. You cannot work on the findability of a website from all sides if the foundation is already crooked. Then you will never achieve the best results. That is why the website has to be well constructed in the first place. If that is the case, you can only look further. 

There are various technical problems that can affect usability. Moreover, these can also indirectly and directly influence the position in the search results. Technical problems are quickly identified by Google as low quality websites. This will result in a lower position in the search results. In fact, you start the match with one point behind the leader. Technical problems include a 404 page, very long loading times, images that do not fully load, and so on. 

What do you think about with technical SEO?

Technical SEO can be tackled in many different ways. It depends entirely on what is needed for your website. Surprisingly enough, it is mainly larger websites that often struggle with technical problems. This is because complicated operating systems are often used and there is more room for making mistakes. Simpler websites that are made with, for example, WordPress, run much less risk of technical problems. 

With technique optimisation you can think of the following: 

  • Improve loading speed
  • Using smaller images
  • HTTPS implementation
  • Improving the URL structure
  • Structured data 


What to look out for and what steps are best to follow....

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