What is an advertorial?

What is an advertorial?

The word advertorial has actually been around for a long time. Long before online marketing started playing an important role. However, these were mainly advertisements that were wrapped up in a nice jacket and ultimately looked like an objective editorial article. This was clearly visible in offline marketing, but since the advent of the Internet, it is also common in online marketing. You can think of a blog article with - at first sight - very objective and interesting information, but which is actually used to promote products and services or to convey a specific message. What exactly is an advertorial? And how can you recognise it or apply it yourself? 

Definition of an advertorial 

An advertorial is actually something that exists for a very long time. At least since 1946. Although it probably looked different then than now. Online marketing did not exist back then. The word advertorial is actually a combination of the words "advertisement" and "editorial". Although the word is used for both offline and online marketing, there are many differences. Moreover, how commercial the advertorial is presented also differs. Or not. In an advertorial the intention is actually to put the message or advertisement in an informative and seemingly objective piece. 

An offline advertorial could be a newspaper article about improving resistance in times of a pandemic. Vitamin pills might be promoted in it. Very subtle, but - if you pay attention - still clear. This can be done with text as well as images. However, this is not always clear to the reader. This also happens online. You can see this in the use of social media to promote products. Influencers are asked to try out products and to write a message about it. Often incorporated into a post about their own lives or wishes. 

Because it concerns an advertisement and therefore not a completely objective story, it is mandatory to indicate that it concerns an advertorial. This should therefore be clearly visible. Often this is mentioned at the top of the advertorial. 

How important is the use of advertorials online? 

Online there are many different possibilities to place advertorials. This is often used when writing guest blogs. Although it is actually mandatory to indicate that it is an advertorial, it is often not done that way in blogs. Sometimes this is clear to the reader because brand names are mentioned, but this is not always the case. Often editors can publish a post with an anchor text that is not immediately noticeable. This makes it more difficult to distinguish editorial articles from advertisements. 

The use of advertorials online is very important in improving SEO and brand awareness. The more people write about your products or services, the better. Especially when this is accompanied by a quality link. 




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