A bot is a programme used to perform online tasks normally done by humans.

Bots can simplify and speed up various online actions. The most well-known bot is the chatbot (which responds automatically to chat messages). A chatbot is, for example, always available and makes little or no spelling mistakes. In addition, bots are often used in the investment world, but also, for example, to give likes on Instagram, to play online games or to place content on a website. Google also has its own bot. The Googlebot focuses not only on search engine optimisation, but also on how Google's crawlers gain access to a website.

Unfortunately, bots also have disadvantages. For example, bots can manipulate the number of visitors to a website or bypass digital security, with all the consequences this entails. Unfortunately, Instagram has millions of bots in the form of fake accounts. These fake accounts automatically post thousands of comments and likes per minute. In the bio of these fake accounts, you will find a link to an untrustworthy website. From there, the bots retrieve all kinds of data from the person who clicked on the link.

Although Instagram is becoming increasingly strict about the use of bots, the software of the bots is also becoming smarter. Therefore, in the future, it will become increasingly difficult to trace the bots. Larger accounts, such as mega-influencers, are particularly affected by these bots.

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