What is a session?

When we speak of a session, most of us understand what we are talking about. In popular speech, we also speak of a time spent on a certain activity. A session can also mean a conversation with several people. So the word session has several meanings, but in the context of a sentence, we usually understand what is meant. This term is also often used in the world of online marketing. In this case, we mean the actions performed by a visitor to a website. But what exactly is a session and how important is it to understand this? 

Definition of session 

A session can be translated in many different ways. In the world of online marketing we mainly speak of the session of actions that a visitor performs while visiting the website. Here we do not look at the bounce rate or the exit percentage, but only at the actions that are performed during that time. It is not only important to look at the total session (all actions) but also to discover how this session ends. Does it end, for example, with the purchase of a product or the making of contact via the contact page? Or does the visitor leave the website without taking any action (the so-called bounce rate). 

How important is the discovery of the series of actions performed by the visitor? 

In other words, we talk about the average series of actions of the visitors. But how important is it to understand these actions? Well first of all to discover whether visitors can easily navigate through the website. Is it clear where they have to go or do they have a hard time doing so? Then this can show flaws. Flaws that you can sometimes solve with simple adjustments. 

Understanding the various sessions is therefore important for thinking about your follow-up actions. How can you make a session end successfully? Are there ways in which you can persuade the visitor more easily? Show them the right information at the right time, increasing the chances of success? By understanding the actions of the visitor, you gain valuable insight into both the positive aspects and the shortcomings of the website. 



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