What is page authority?

What is page authority? 

Page authority is the value given to a specific page. It is usually expressed in a number between 1 and 100. This is in contrast to domain authority, where an entire domain or subdomain is assigned a score. In this case it only concerns specific pages within an existing domain. Of course, these two things are connected. A website with a high domain authority will logically also have many pages with a high page authority. The page authority tells how high the different pages can score in the search engines. But what exactly is page authority and how is it determined? Are there things that can be done to increase this authority?

Definition page authority 

Page authority is the value assigned to a certain page within a website. To make it easier, a scale is used with numbers between 1 and 100. That way you can see exactly how high the pages within your site score. In theory, every page on your site can have a high score. This does not have to be the homepage. Even better: sometimes subpages score much better than the homepage. Simply because they contain interesting information. Information that other webmasters might want to make use of and perhaps even place a link to. 

When you put a lot of energy in external backlinks, chances are that the home page gets by far the most links. Because you bring it to the attention of other webmasters. In most cases the page authority will increase by dozens. When the page starts with 10, it will first rise to 20 and then slowly to that valuable 100. 

How do you increase the page authority? 

Can you influence the page authority yourself? This is not easy, but there are some things you can do to improve the authority. First of all, a lot of attention should be paid to content marketing. Writing good articles, unique texts and valuable information to attract visitors and to show your knowledge. You can also boost authority by acquiring backlinks. The use of internal link building can also help. By using a kind of spider web of links through the pages, you connect every page together and help the user navigate better. In addition, you also benefit from the necessary linkjuice. This way you slowly increase the authority of each page and work towards a higher domain authority. 



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