What is a rich text?

The free translation of "rich text" is "rich text". This is of course a strange word. A rich text? How can a text be rich? Well, we have to rephrase it. Rich can mean many things. In this case, of course, we are not expressing ourselves in money, but in value. So a rich text is a text that is very valuable and not only contains words, but also all kinds of extra additions. These are not literally visible to the reader, but they do influence the value of a page and therefore the ranking in search results. 

Examples that can be added to a rich text are a special font, hyperlinks, images, but also the way a document is formatted. Think of the use of HTML and CSS. 

Definition of a rich text 

With rich text you add special elements that are not directly visible to the reader, but make the text a lot more valuable. A rich text is formatted in such a way that the basic elements of the text are coded. Think of the size of the font, the attached images, and so on. Be aware that a text only has real effect when it is seen. You can increase the visibility of a text by using the right additions. 

Also important for people with poor eyesight 

Rich text is all about adding features to make the text easier to understand and better read by search engines. This can also be important for people who are partially sighted. More and more often, an explainer video or podcast is added to a text to make it understandable for people who have trouble reading. In this way you literally add more value to your website and reach an even larger target group. 



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