What is a subdomain?

What is a subdomain? 

A subdomain is part of a domain name. It can be recognised by the domain name with a section before it. This is usually separated by a dot. For example: helpdesk.digitalnewsgroup.com. The domain is 'digitalnewsgroup' and 'helpdesk' makes it a subdomain. A subdomain is usually used by companies or individuals who want to keep their domain name and add something to it, without having to buy a whole new domain. The domain plays a reinforcing role in this. But what exactly is a subdomain? How do you create it? And what are the advantages of a subdomain? 

Definition subdomain 

A subdomain is actually a smaller 'piece' of a larger domain name. It is often used to add something extra to the existing domain. For example, to host a separate helpdesk system via the subdomain. A subdomain can in principle be added by all webmasters. Moreover, you can easily add an unlimited number of subdomains. So it is up to you how many subdomains your large domain name has and how you build it up exactly. 

Many programmes allow you to add a subdomain relatively easily. Is this not possible? Then contact the helpdesk of your host. In principle, everyone should be able to create several domain names without any problems. 

Advantages of a subdomain 

But why would you create a subdomain? Or maybe even several? What are the advantages? We summarise them: 

  • A subdomain is much easier to manage. You do not have to invent or register a whole new URL. Moreover, there are usually no extra costs involved. This allows you to create multiple 'websites' without incurring additional costs.
  • Despite the simplicity of creating a subdomain, it is in no way like a normal domain. It actually behaves exactly the same. You can easily place good content, separate it from your website and make the necessary adjustments. Moreover, internal links to the main domain can be placed to boost your link profile and make it easier for visitors to navigate.
  • A subdomain also has an influence on the search engines. A subdomain can therefore be an excellent marketing strategy. It is important that the search engines clearly notice that the subdomain is linked to the main domain. So instead of a subdomain, you can also choose subfolders. This looks very similar, but it often results in a higher ranking. 


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