What is a product feed?

A product feed is a file in which all important data on products is kept up to date. This includes the product name, dimensions and other important characteristics that are shown in a webshop. You can imagine that this file is essential for organising your webshop. But what exactly is a product feed? How is it used and how do you create it?

Definition of a product feed 

A shop needs a system to map all the important product information as accurately as possible. You should especially think of the product data. This is necessary to keep the information on the website as accurate as possible. In this way, the content that is shared is always relevant. This indirectly contributes to the findability of the website and the way the consumer is assisted in his or her customer journey. 

This has several advantages. First of all, maintaining a product feed makes it a lot easier to make products visible on different channels and to guide the customer in her process. This also makes it a lot easier for a website to offer the right information to the customer and to show this at the right time. 

Generic information 

Fortunately, it is not necessary to create an entirely separate description for each product. If you purchase standard products, you can simply copy the information that already exists by entering the SKU number. You can, however, make a few adjustments to make the information unique for the products on your website. This also makes it clearer to comparison sites which website the information comes from.

There are various pages where consumers can compare prices and thus easily find the cheapest price for the same product. This promotes competition between them. A well-known example of a so-called comparison site is Google Shopping. 



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