What is a web analysis?

A web analysis is a frequently used tool in the world of online marketing. All website data is collected and it is checked whether all efforts have led to the right result. What effect have your efforts had? Have they led to more visitors, for example? Have more relevant leads come in via Google? Based on this information, you can quickly find out whether your online marketing campaign is doing well or whether it could use some more work. But what exactly is web analysis? How do you carry it out? And what do you pay attention to when you see the results? 

Definition of web analysis 

A web analysis is actually the Dutch translation of what is called Web Analytics in English. An important term used by many online marketers. Be aware that when boosting your company's online marketing, it is also important to pay attention to the results. There is no room for improvement if you do not know what your physical efforts have yielded. Moreover, you don't know how to change if you don't know where things risk going wrong. That is why marketing is only one small part of putting your product or service on the map. Analysis and improvement play an equally important role. 

When you perform a web analysis, you immediately get a lot of different information. A lot can be examined during a web analysis. Think for instance about the number of pages on the website that are visited. The actions that are performed on this page. The location of the visitor. And so on. 

In this way, it is easy to determine to what extent the physical efforts have had an effect and where there is still room for improvement and a higher position in the search results. 

How do you carry out a web analysis? 

A web analysis can be carried out in many different ways. There are various tools that can help. There are hybrid options as well as a number of systems that randomly collect data from the pages on your website. All options have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore a good idea to delve into this and if necessary, talk to a marketing specialist. They know exactly which tools meet your personal requirements.




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