CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is used in programming and takes care of the layout of HTML files. CSS makes it possible to design HTML files. HTML files take care of the visual content of a website, for example the text, images, hyperlinks, etc.

With CSS the layout and design of a website is a file. The use of CSS has a number of advantages. 

  • First of all, with the help of CSS, less coding is needed for web pages, so that a website is created faster.
  • In addition, the website loads faster because less coding is required. A faster website increases the ease of use for visitors, which may lead to a better bounce rate, among other things.
  • Furthermore, by using CSS you can make changes to a website faster and the chance of making mistakes is smaller than when you have to change HTML codes.
  • Also, the use of CSS increases the quality of a website, because the design can be done very precisely. 

Finally, the HTML coding of a website is more readable for search engines when using CSS. This can lead to better search results.



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