Linkbuilding SEO

Linkbuilding SEO is a strategy to get higher in the search results of Google. This will ultimately lead to more visitors to your website and therefore more potential customers. In this blog, we will look at what linkbuilding SEO is and how you can use it to improve your business.

What is linkbuilding SEO?

Link building SEO is the acquisition of links to improve online findability. This basically means that you try to get links from external websites that link to your website. The more relevant these websites are that point to your website, the better it is.

Why link building SEO?

Why should you do link building? You may ask yourself. The answer to this question is simple. Through link building you can get many extra visitors to your website in a relatively short time. Because of this, more potential customers will visit your website and you will eventually have more turnover. Besides this main purpose of link building, there are several reasons why link building SEO is a good online marketing strategy, namely:
Link building creates a lot of brand awareness. When many websites link to your website, your company name is spread immediately. Handy!

Link building ensures that you see results pretty quickly. Within a few months you will see that the domain authority of your website is higher. Depending on how many (qualitative) links you place, you may even see results sooner.

Parts of linkbuilding SEO

Linkbuilding SEO consists of various components. These will be briefly explained below.


Actually, SEO is not a part of link building, but link building is a part of SEO. Yet it is important to know what SEO is when you want to engage in linkbuilding.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It has everything to do with, you guessed it, search engine optimization. It includes everything that makes sure that your company ends up higher in the search results of Google. Google works by means of an algorithm. This algorithm decides which websites will appear at the top of the search results. The algorithm looks at which websites are the most relevant.

Fortunately, you can manipulate this Google algorithm. Through SEO, we try to get to the bottom of the algorithm and make the best use of it. Link building is one way of doing this!

3 pillars of SEO

SEO actually works on the basis of three pillars:

  • Technology
  • Content
  • Authority

Technical SEO is about everything you do to your website behind the scenes. So here we are talking about the structure of your website. You can achieve this structure by means of internal link building. Internal link building ensures that visitors can easily navigate through your website. You can achieve this by linking to other pages on your website. Nice and clear! Technical SEO ensures that your website is user-friendly.

Then there is content SEO. With content SEO, you make sure that your website has fun, good and relevant content. However, you must not only ensure that the content is fun, but also that it is written according to SEO guidelines. This means that you take care of headings and use the right keywords in the article. This way, you will achieve the best results.

Finally, there is authority. Authority is what Google uses to determine how reliable your website is. You can influence this authority through link building. You do this by making sure that as many good quality websites as possible link to your website. With a strong link profile you build authority.

What should you take into account with link building SEO?

Link building may sound quite easy. You may think that it is a matter of simply contacting as many websites as possible and asking them if they want to link to your website. This is basically true, but it is not so black and white. You have to make sure that you build a natural link profile and that you take into account the values of the websites you want to link with.

Building a natural link profile

What exactly is building a natural link profile and why is it important? Building a natural link profile means that you choose quality over quantity when choosing the websites. Google wants to prevent that you randomly place as many links as possible. By doing so, you manipulate Google's algorithm in such a way that Google can no longer give the best answers to the questions of visitors. Google does not want that. That is why Google hands out "penalties" when they find out that you are gathering links from a marketing perspective. This will have a negative impact on your search results.

To prevent this from happening to you, it is wise not to get involved in link exchanges or buying cheap links. It is better to put some extra time and effort into your process and to look for quality links. That will give you a lot in the end

Website values

But how do you know if a website is of good quality? There are certain values that you can look at. The following values are the most important:

  • Domain authority. The domain authority (DA score) indicates the quality of the website. It is determined on the basis of the internal structure of the website. The DA score is a score between 1 and 100, where 100 is the best. From 20 is often good enough.
  • Domain rating. In addition, there is also the domain rating (DR score). In contrast to the domain authority, this looks more at the external link structure. It indicates how many qualitative websites link to the website. This score is also indicated in a number between 1 and 100.
  • Trust flow. The trust flow shows how reliable the website is.
    Based on these scores together you can see whether a website is of good quality. This way you can decide whether you want to place a link on the website or not.

Outsource link building SEO

Link building can bring you a lot. Unfortunately, it is also very labour intensive. It is not easy and takes a lot of time. If you have the time, you can immerse yourself in the world of link building. Then you can get to work on it yourself. However, you will probably not have the time for this. In that case, it might be a solution to outsource your link building!

A link building agency specialises in link building and can take this time-consuming task off your hands. They will help you set up a strategy, but also with its implementation and monitoring. In addition, link building agencies often have a large network that they can use to get the best results for you. So all you have to do is wait for your visitor numbers to increase.

Are you convinced and looking for a suitable link building agency to help you with link building SEO? Then look no further! At Digital newsgroup, we specialise in link building SEO and we know exactly how to go about it in order to achieve the best results for you.

Are you curious about what we can do for you? Then contact us without obligation!

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