What is influencer marketing?

With the advent and growth of social media, influencers have also become increasingly important. We can now say that influencers really belong to a completely new industry. Bloggers, Youtubers, vloggers and social media accounts are increasingly being put in the spotlight. Often, they have an enormous support base and therefore arouse a lot of interest and trust from their followers. It is also striking that more and more money can be earned with influencer marketing. But what exactly is influencer marketing? And why is it becoming increasingly interesting for marketers to use it?

What is an influencer?

In order to understand influencer marketing, it is first important to understand what exactly an influencer is. An influencer can take many different forms. They are generally people with a large number of followers. With their stories, they inspire consumer confidence. Once they use a specific product and share their experiences about it, there is a greater chance that their followers will also want to try this product. Influencer marketing can therefore be a very effective marketing tool. Influencers can be bloggers, Youtubers, vloggers or owners of social media accounts. They are often people you know, but also very ordinary people who have aroused the interest of a large group of followers.

Therefore, there is no standard meaning of an influencer. This is because an influencer can have many faces. From BN'ers to people who are in the middle of family life and who, through their playful way of writing and vlogging, manage to reach many followers.

The definition of influencer marketing explained

Influencer marketing is a marketing tool that has been increasingly used in recent years. Marketers make use of certain people (the so-called influencers) who have a very large online following. The more followers they have, the more effective the marketing campaign will be.

Over the years, these influencers have not only gained a very large group of followers, but they also have an ever-increasing role model function. This allows them to exert more influence on their followers. Simply because they have gained their trust. People are more likely to accept something from someone they are closer to than when a marketer gives a marketing talk about his or her products.

The marketing activities organised by companies in cooperation with influencers is also called influencer marketing. In practice, this is often translated into realising win actions and giving extra discounts.

Influencer marketing: how efficient is it?

When you're contacting an influencer marketing agency, you want to be sure that such a campaign is effective. The success of a good influencer marketing campaign depends on finding the right influencer. The influencer must be in direct contact with the target group for your brand.

For example, do you sell sustainable plates for children to eat on? Then it's a good idea to find an influencer with a lot of parents in the support base. The followers of the influencers are all in the same field of interest and will therefore benefit more from such a campaign. A major advantage of influencer marketing is that it allows companies to directly reach the most important target group and gain their trust more quickly. Because of this, the efficiency of an influencer marketing campaign is often much higher than with any other form of marketing.

For which companies is it suitable?

Influencer marketing offers many advantages. It generates direct traffic with the customer and can provide significantly more leads within a short period of time. In theory, influencer marketing is therefore suitable for every company. Especially now that more and more people are following one or more influencers. Both via social media accounts such as YouTube, Google or well-known blogs.

Having said that, it must also be admitted that influencer marketing is not equally effective for every company. Especially when it is not applied in the right way. Finding the right influencer is worth its weight in gold. At Digital Newsgroup, we can look together at the realisation of an effective campaign, after which influencers themselves can also make suggestions. By making various considerations and choices, you can easily find the influencer that best suits your campaign.

Why influencer marketing seems to work better than other marketing campaigns

People seem to be becoming increasingly insensitive to the countless marketing campaigns that are conducted nowadays. A campaign can be very well put together, but if it fails to attract the attention of the potential target group, it will be ineffective. Moreover, people are increasingly questioning the merits of marketing campaigns. After all, can you believe everything that is said online?

That is why it is important as a marketer to bring in people who know how to give consumers more confidence. Over the years, influencers have built up a very strong following. These followers trust them almost blindly. They are therefore more inclined to accept a marketing campaign from their favourite influencer than a clever talk from a marketer. Because of this, influencer marketing seems to work better in most cases than many other marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing is accessible to all companies

A big advantage of influencer marketing is that it is accessible to many more companies. You don't have to be a large company to use it. After all, the costs vary enormously. Logically, you will pay more for a campaign with an influencer with a large following. However, it is also possible to choose influencers with a smaller following. This way, it is possible for every company to make use of this form of marketing. Does it not work you ca nalways choose to use digital marketing for example.

Conclusion: influencer marketing or not?

How do you as an entrepreneur view the application of influencer marketing? Although opinions vary widely, this can be an extremely powerful marketing tool, provided it is applied in the right way. As an influencer marketing agency, we can be of service to entrepreneurs.

Influencers have been around for years, but it is not that long ago that marketers actually applied this form of marketing. This form of marketing is suitable for virtually all companies, but the choice must be made for influencers who are actually in contact with the company's largest target group. The efficiency and the way influencer marketing can lead to direct traffic makes it a very interesting marketing tool for most companies.

Outsource influencer marketing?

For many entrepreneurs and marketers, it is a complicated and time-consuming process to set up a successful influencer marketing campaign. Because of this, it's definitely a good idea to think about outsourcing influencer marketing. You can confidently leave it to the experts at Digital newsgroup. Influencer marketing can be important for any business, regardless of how big or small it is. The aim is to ultimately ensure that you specifically appeal to your target group!

Looking for an influencer marketing agency?

Are you completely convinced that your company needs influencer marketing? That is good to hear! At our digital marketing agency in Tilburg, you're in the right place. We have several specialists who will help your company. Besides influencer marketing, we are also experienced in several forms of modern marketing techniques, including content marketing and link building. Curious about the influencer marketing rates for your company? Then contact us by e-mail or phone, or go to our contact page.

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