What is a 301 redirect?

A 301 redirect is a reference from one URL to another URL. This way it is possible that a visitor has first clicked on a completely different link, but then ends up on a different page. The redirect thus redirects visitors to the desired page if the other link is no longer entirely correct. But what exactly is a 301 redirect and why is it sometimes necessary to redirect visitors to another page quickly? 

Definition of a 301 redirect 

Links do not always exist. Sometimes older pages are simply less relevant or you have started using a completely new URL. However, the old link does not simply disappear from the web. Not even with loyal customers. There is a chance that an old URL is stored in the favourites of previous visitors or that the URL can still be found in the search engines. However, it is not the intention that search engines will arrive at a deleted page. You can prevent this by using a 301 redirect. You refer your visitors to the correct page and in the meantime you retain the authority of the older page within the search results. 

Advantages of a 301 redirect 

But why is it so important to redirect visitors directly to the correct link?

The 301 redirect has an incredible number of advantages. For a large part these are related to the visitor. After all, it is extremely annoying to arrive at a page that no longer contains the correct information. However, it is also important for the position within the search results. If you prefer not to use the old address anymore, but it still scores much better than the new address, then you might want to keep this authority. If the old address is completely discarded, you lose all the value of the address which you have built up over the years. With the 301 redirect you ensure that you can retain your authority in the search engines. 

A 301 redirect is also a smart solution if you own several domain names but prefer not to keep as many different websites in the air. In this case you only need one website because you redirect everything to a central location. 



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