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When you want to outsource link building, it's best to choose a complete link building package. A link building package can often be chosen so that it fits your needs perfectly. So you get exactly what you need. 

We also provide a free linkbuilding scan where we also examine your website in terms of link building.

What is in a link building package?

A linkbuilding package often consists of a number of links specified for a particular niche. You can also personalise the link building package yourself. The costs of this will vary according to your wishes.

What is linkbuilding exactly?

By purchasing a link building package you are investing in link building. But what is link building exactly? Link building is one of the components of SEO. It is a method to rank higher in the search results of Google. You do this by ensuring that as many quality websites as possible link to your website. Google sees these links as recommendations. Within link building, you can make a distinction between internal and external link building.

Internal link building

Internal link building means that you place links on your own website that also link to another page on your website. This is something you can easily arrange yourself. In the case of internal link building, the quantity is more important than the quality, but make sure there is no overkill of links.

External link building

In external link building, on the other hand, the quality is more important than the quantity. External link building is obtaining links on relevant websites that link to your websites. You would think that the more links you have, the better it is, but that is not true. Google only finds such links valuable if they are of good quality. A link on is of course much more valuable than a link on the website of the local bicycle dealer.

Example link building

To make it all a bit clearer, I'll give a concrete example of link building.

Suppose you have a bakery in Tilburg and you recently launched a new website where people can also order bread. Then of course you want as many people as possible to visit that website and place an order. For this, you want to be visible online. But how do you do that?

It is smart to start with link building. This involves looking for websites whose visitors are also interested in your services. For example, it probably doesn't make sense to place a link on a website for baby food. However, it is smart to place a link on a website for lunch ideas. There is a good chance that people are curious about what you have to offer.

Google sees these links as votes for your website. That is why it is important that you have many votes, but Google will find it suspicious if you get many votes from websites that are not relevant to you. You can compare this with a situation in which many left-wing Americans suddenly vote for Trump. That also rings a bell that something is probably not right and that there might be fraud. If Google finds something suspicious, you run the risk of a penalty and that is counterproductive for your online findability. So it is better to focus mainly on qualitative links than quantitative links.

Why is link building so important?

Why should you invest in a link building package? What makes link building so important and valuable? Those questions are pretty simple to answer. Link building is a good way to attract many more visitors to your website. More visitors lead to more conversion and eventually to more sales! Link building is therefore a very useful first step for when you want to grow your business.

What should you pay attention to in link building?

Link building may seem simple, but there are still some things you need to take into account. For example, you have to look at whether the website you want to place a link on is a good website. Websites can look very beautiful, but this does not mean that they are good quality. The quality of a website is determined by the following factors:

Domain authority

The domain authority is a score between 1 and 100. This score indicates how relevant the website is. The domain authority is calculated on the basis of the number of links pointing to the website, the quality of these links and to what extent the website is optimised and therefore of good quality. It is best to choose websites for link building where the domain authority is as high as possible. You do not have to aim for as close to 100. Websites with a domain authority of 20+ are already fine!


The trustflow indicates how reliable a website is. The trustflow looks at how many qualitative links there are to your website. A high trustflow is an indicator for a qualitative website with a qualitative backlink profile. For Google this is a signal that the website is valuable and deserves a high position in the search results. That is what you want of course!

Referring domains

Referring domain is a w ebsite that has included backlinks to your website. Referring domains stands for the number of external websites that link to that website. In general this is good when the score is higher than 25.

Visitor numbers

Finally, the number of visitors is also important. A website can score high on domain authority and trustflow, but if there are 0 visitors, it is still not very useful.

Link building package request

Have you become curious about link building? Then it is a good idea to once a link building package to purchase. By purchasing a link building package, it will ensure that your link profile is built or increased. The quality of the websites will be looked at, so you can be sure that your domain authority will be higher and Google will see your website as more valuable.

Why outsource link building?

Now that you have some more knowledge about link building, you can also choose to do it yourself. However, this is not recommended. Link building takes a lot of time and energy. To do it properly, you must have the time, but also the right knowledge. In addition, it is useful if you have the right programmes to check the quality of websites. So, it is better to hire the help of a link building agency.

Link building package at Digital Newsgroup B.V.

We at Digital Newsgroup B.V. can help you with this perfectly! We have a number of link building specialists who know exactly what to do and what to pay attention to in the link building process. In addition, we have the right tools and a large network. This allows us to achieve the best results for you relatively quickly.

We have different link building packages for your business. Are you curious about our link building packages? Or would you rather discuss what the best option is for you? Contact us. The coffee is ready for you!

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