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Has the growth of your company stagnated and is it just not moving forward? Then it's smart to take a close look at your online marketing. By working on online marketing, you attract more visitors and generate more turnover. Perhaps you have already invested a lot of marketing budget in online marketing over the years and perhaps you have never experienced the desired effect. A pity, because this will soon make you discouraged to continue. Even though online marketing is one of the most effective methods of generating more customers. High time, therefore, to turn the tide and call in a digital marketing agency. But why leave this work to specialists and not take it into your own hands? In this blog, we list the most important reasons.

A fresh look at your company 

Working with a digital marketing agency has many advantages, but the most important one is the way they look at your company. When you have been using the same strategy for years, there is a big chance that your view becomes clouded. It is difficult to let go of old habits. Especially when you have been able to achieve great success with them before. That is precisely why it is important to engage a marketing agency. They provide a fresh look at your company. Because of this you discover new things that you didn't see before. They can shine a light on possible problems within the website and also give advice on strategies that might be effective. 

In digital marketing, it is important to draw up a strategic plan and to execute it in the right way. In consultation with the client, these specialists can determine the direction to be taken and how the marketing policy should be adjusted accordingly. This way, you can once again focus on the things that make your company special and what else can be achieved. 


The biggest advantage of working with a digital marketing agency is that you immediately have a team of specialists at your disposal. These are people who have years of experience in optimising online campaigns. They know how to promote products and services in a catchy way and are aware of the latest trends to put your company on the digital map. When you have little experience and knowledge of Internet marketing, it is very difficult to determine the right strategy. After all, online marketing is very complex and constantly changing. 

Because internet marketing is constantly changing, it is hard for one person to keep up. Certainly not when he also has to run a business. It is therefore almost impossible to keep up with the entire online marketing of your company yourself. An external agency has the time and resources to take this off your hands. They follow the latest developments closely and know exactly which strategies work and which don't for your company. 

To know which strategy suits you, it is necessary to look at the competition. Many of these companies have a large amount of customers in all kinds of different niches. Because of this, they also have experience with companies in a similar industry. Therefore, they have inside information about the strategies that might work. You, in turn, can benefit from this. 

Saving time 

In practice, it turns out to be a huge challenge to keep the knowledge regarding digital marketing up to date. If you want to keep the online marketing of your company completely in your own hands, this means that you have to invest a lot of extra hours in it. This is possible when your company itself does not take much time, but in almost all situations, this is not the case. By calling in a digital marketing agency, you save this time. Precious time you can use to optimise your own business. Meanwhile, you leave the marketing to the specialists. Everyone has their own field, right? 

Sometimes companies choose to employ staff for the online marketing of their company. Do realise, however, that this often results in higher costs than if you were to hire a separate agency. Moreover, staff is less reliable. They can get sick, go on holiday or suddenly decide to quit. This means that you always have to have a safety net and in some cases have to find new staff at short notice. Not only finding new staff takes time, but also training them. All in all, you are often faster and more efficient by outsourcing the work to an external agency. 

Constant stream of content 

Most entrepreneurs use a digital marketing agency to deliver content, among other things. This can be very broad. Think for example of web texts, but also blogs that are placed on other sites or images and even podcasts. Often, these are things that you as an entrepreneur do not have the time to do yourself. As a result, you lack a constant flow of content. This has a negative impact on your position in Google. When you partner with a marketing agency, you can be sure that constant attention is paid to the delivery of content. Because of this, you enjoy a certain degree of continuity to which Google's algorithms also react very nicely. 

Better visibility 

The main goal of a digital marketing agency is of course improving the findability of a website. If you leave this to specialists, you can be almost sure that the work will be done properly and that the goal will be achieved. Of course, you can always argue that a lot can be saved by taking such work into your own hands. That may be true, but is it really as effective?

Of course, it costs money to work with an online marketing agency on a contractual basis. However, it is also very profitable. You cannot see such a cooperation as a mere cost item, but rather as a good investment for the future. Moreover, it is often more expensive to first try out all kinds of things yourself only to find out afterwards that it was less successful. An online marketing agency deals more effectively with time and your marketing budget. This is why it delivers more than it costs and it is - in our opinion - definitely worthwhile to start this cooperation. 

Did you know that many online marketing agencies work according to a so-called 'no cure, no pay' principle? This means that you only have to pay when there are actual results. If this has not been the case, the invoice will be destroyed and you will not have to pay anything. In short, there is nothing to lose. 

Keeping track of SEO work 

The biggest mistake you can make is to think that you are 'there now' if you have achieved the right findability of your website. It is an illusion to think that you have to invest once in SEO marketing and that you will benefit from it for years. The fact remains that Google constantly adjusts its algorithms. The strategies that were used, say, five years ago, therefore have virtually no effect now. What's more: by using them, you can sometimes even be penalised. It is therefore not only necessary to draw up the right SEO strategy, but also important to keep it up to date and adjust it on the basis of new insights. 

A digital marketing agency not only sets up a good strategy, but also ensures that it is successful in the long term. Scoring high with SEO requires you to be very persistent. You can't take it for granted when it comes to SEO. Getting higher in search results organically takes time. Sometimes it takes months before real results are achieved. However, this long process does have one advantage: once you have achieved your intended position in Google, it will remain that way in the long term. Provided, of course, that everything is maintained properly. 

Just compare it to the work of a top athlete. They can choose to give everything in one go during a match, but if this match lasts longer, it means they will eventually tire more quickly. As a result, they will end up scoring less well than if they had dosed things a bit more. The same applies to SEO marketing. It may take a little more time, but you will reap the benefits for longer. 

Measurable results 

A major advantage of online marketing is that the results are much easier to measure. This is in contrast to offline marketing where it is often almost impossible to measure results. It is often a matter of guessing whether a certain campaign has had an effect. Fortunately, this is not the case with online marketing. Because of this, you know exactly whether you are spending your hard-earned marketing budget in the right way and what does or does not have an effect. The disadvantage is that you, as a layman, often do not know how to interpret the results correctly and which programmes you can use for this. 

A digital marketing agency has enough knowledge and experience to interpret the information correctly and can also use several programmes to make it visible for you how effective a certain campaign has been. This way, you can see where your money is being spent and what the results have been. Based on that information, the marketing agency can, in consultation with you, change things or continue what he has been doing. 

You cannot only be found in Google 

Google is of course the largest search engine in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that extra attention is paid to it. However, the fact that it is the largest search engine does not mean that there are no other search engines available. Therefore, when we talk about search engine optimisation performed by a digital marketing agency, it does not only mean that you will score higher in the search results via Google. No, your company will become more visible in all kinds of search engines. Think for example of Bing and Yahoo. You can reach many people with Google, but it is also good to pay attention to other channels and thus generate even more visitors to your website. 

Accessible for everyone 

One of the great advantages of online marketing is that it has levelled the playing field with the big brands in the competition. In offline marketing, budgets usually count for a lot. The bigger names were able to invest more and ultimately earn more. A vicious circle which meant that as a new company, you had almost no chance of competing at all. 

However, this is almost not the case with online marketing. Almost everyone is able to engage a digital marketing agency. Especially the companies that work on a no cure, no pay principle. Looking at the technique and the content that is used by these marketing agencies, you will notice that it does not have to cost a lot of money. 

Moreover, you can also choose to take a part of the online marketing in your own hands and leave the rest to the professionals. This way you can save some money and at the same time you know for sure that it will be effective. 

So if you have many competitors with a much bigger marketing budget, you don't have to worry that this will have an immediate impact on the visitors your website generates. By being smart with your budget and hiring the right digital marketing agency, your chances will still be optimal! 

Outsource digital marketing?

For many entrepreneurs and marketers, it is a complicated and time-consuming process to set up a successful digital marketing campaign. Therefore, it is definitely a good idea to think about outsourcing digital marketing. You can confidently leave it to the experts at Digital newsgroup. Digital marketing can be important for any company, no matter how big or small it is. he aim is to ultimately ensure a better position in the most famous search engine, Google.

Looking for a digital marketing agency?

Are you completely convinced that your company needs digital marketing? That is good to hear! At our digital marketing agency in Tilburg, you are in the right place. We have several specialists who will help your company. Besides digital marketing, we are also experienced in several forms of modern marketing techniques, including content marketing and Google marketing. Curious about the digital marketing rates for your company? Then contact us by e-mail or phone, or go to our contact page.

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