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Take advantage now of the SEO-marketing service from Digital Newsgroup. Our SEO marketing will enable you to easily collect quality SEO backlinks for your website.

Choose your SEO marketing service package

We always have an SEO marketing package to suit you. We have put together different SEO packages for you. The SEO packages vary in the number of blog placements per month. The more blog placements you purchase each month, the lower the price you pay per blog. With the SEO service, you choose how many blogs you want per month and we will place them in the best spot! Our SEO packages:

1 blog € 225

3 blogs € 600

5 blogs € 875

10 blogs € 1.500

25 blogs € 2.999

50 blogs € 4.750

100 blogs € 8.500

250 blogs € 18.750

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DNG Service guarantee

The DNG SEO professionals will generate the perfect mix for you within your monthly SEO package. Over the past few years, we have built a database of over 2,000 websites to choose from. This allows us to select the best value for money for your budget. Our SEO packages are terminable per 3 months and we guarantee that your backlinks will last for at least 2 years. You can always switch between the SEO packages in the meantime, allowing you to choose the package that fits your SEO strategy on a monthly basis.

Why choose one of our SEO marketing packages?

Finding good quality links for your Google ranking can be a time consuming process. Applying and finding the right quality backlinks will ensure that your website will rise in the largest online search engine. Link building consists of obtaining external links from other websites to your website. The higher the domain authority of the website with the external link, the more this SEO backlink will affect your own Google ranking. You decide the amount of blogging and we will make sure you get the best spots for your SEO ranking and improving your brand awareness. All to the benefit of search engine optimization. Do you want to get quality blogs in addition to the best spots? Then choose additional SEO services with your package and have your SEO text written by one of our specialists.

Have your SEO texts written

By a SEO Expert

Writing SEO texts is a profession in itself! One of the factors that affects your SEO ranking is the quality of the written SEO texts. Therefore, these texts are usually written by specialized SEO copywriters. They are up to date with the latest tips and trends around the best keywords, applications and writing rich SEO content. Having your SEO texts written by qualified personnel can therefore be a smart choice. At Digital Newsgroup, you can provide the texts for the placements yourself or you can choose to have the SEO texts written by one of our SEO specialists. Would you rather have one of our copywriters provide you with SEO texts? That is possible!

Getting your SEO blog written by DNG

Do you want to have your SEO blog written by DNG? Then choose this additional option within your SEO package. Our SEO copywriters specialize in writing blogs that consist of the perfect word count composition. They look for the best placement within the text and provide these blogs with the right keywords and titles. At DNG, we employ versatile copywriters who are familiar with our private blog network. This means they know how to write quality copy for different audiences and topics and can provide your website with quality SEO blog backlinks.

Order your seo package

Questions about our SEO service packages?

Do you still have questions about our SEO service or would you like to speak to a specialist? You can! Contact us and we will respond to your message as soon as possible!

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