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Monday 13 september 2021

At the moment, it is very important for companies to keep up with recent digital marketing trends and developments. A good digital marketing trend can provide you with a lot of customers if you respond well to it. So, we really recommend you to keep an eye on the digital marketing trends & developments!

Because we have suffered a lot from the corona crisis in recent years, this is also reflected in the way of digital marketing. The reason for this is that several things have changed. In this case, the corona crisis has had a good impact, especially on the consumer. 

Standing out from the crowd

Nowadays, in digital marketing, it is very important to distinguish yourself from the others. You can do this by offering your products and services with the best possible service. The moment a customer needs help, it is important for a company to be there immediately so that you can provide assistance. 

By offering good service, you can distinguish yourself from the others. You do this in a positive way, because if you do it in a positive way, others can also tell about it. This is therefore a good way of positive digital marketing. 

The quality of the products or services you provide also has an influence. This is because good products are better advertised on the market than products of poor quality. 

Providing good service can make customers' lives better, more beautiful or easier. A good service has much more impact on customers than an advertisement. By providing good service, a customer is more likely to buy a product or service from you than an advertisement. 

To keep the quality of service high, Zoom and Microsoft Teams were used a lot during the corona crisis. Here, many discussions were held on how to improve the company's digital marketing. 

You can improve your product, service or service by asking yourself a number of questions. For example, you can ask yourself whether it makes the life of your customer more fun, better or simpler. After all, this is a reason for a customer to use your products and services. 

Cookie-cutter advertising

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for cookie-free advertising. This is a way of advertising without the consumer having to deal with cookies. Most consumers find this a nicer way to receive advertisements. 

Everyone is familiar with those irritating cookie messages that appear on most websites. By using these cookies, your data can be stored. However, this is done less and less. This is because companies are getting more value out of it to advertise themselves. 

Cookies are widely used for programmatic advertising. This is a way of advertising that uses the collection of information from a user. This information is then used to show appropriate advertisements. 

Because the advertising sector online is mainly based on cookies, they have recently encountered a problem. This is because large companies such as Apple and Mozilla Firefox have already abolished cookies. Google Chrome is also coming around. 

Google Chrome is responsible for 62 percent of all web traffic. In 2020, Google Chrome has announced a transition period. During this transition period, the amount of cookies will be gradually reduced. 

Because fewer and fewer cookies can be used, the advertising sector must increasingly focus on other ways. This is a major development in digital marketing. This is because as an advertising company, you also have to focus on this. 

More advertising on social media

Social media is used less and less to post only photos and videos of yourself. This is because social media platforms are growing more and more. You will also see that everyone is increasingly forming their own opinion. 

Because these opinions are often fed by influencers on the social media, it is easy to use these influencers to get advertisements to a certain target group. For this, however, it is important to have a good marketing strategy. 

There is a great polarisation going on in social media. This means that there are multiple sides to which people gravitate. As a company, this can be a great advantage. This is because you have a target group that is drawn to a particular side. 

You can capitalise on this. By choosing the right influencers or influencer agencies, you can capitalise on the target group. This in turn ensures that you can easily acquire customers this way. 

However, this polarisation can also cause problems. Some target groups may actually fall apart on a social media platform because of it. Everyone can get their own truth. 

The algorithms of the social media do not help here either. This is because they mainly show what you have already looked at. This has a positive influence on polarisation. If you have a scattered target group as a company, this can cause a lot of problems. 

However, the large social media platforms nowadays have their own earning models. Whatsapp also participates in this. This is because the app is getting new features that focus on e-commerce. 

Digitisation of business to business

Nowadays, business to business is becoming more and more digitised. This is also referred to as B2B. In a nutshell, this is trade between companies. There are a number of reasons why this is also becoming increasingly digitised. 

The biggest reason why B2B is being digitised is because the corona crisis caused major corporate events to be cancelled. Trade fairs were cancelled and customers could no longer be visited. This has caused the B2B to work more and more online. 

Consultations were increasingly held via video call services. Webinars and podcasts also emerged. This digital transformation will also continue in 2021.

Because B2B is increasingly done online, it is also becoming more technical. As a result, the power is increasingly shifting from sales to digital marketing. However, this has caused companies to dive deeper into ICT and software. It is also important that the sales department continues to provide good input.

Contributing to a better world

It is also increasingly the norm to contribute to a better world. This does not only mean supporting a good cause, but also the company itself. The idea is to make all processes environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

Environmental friendliness and sustainability are considered right from the raw materials. As a result, responsible behaviour is expected from companies. Many consumers also specifically choose to buy the products and services of an environmentally friendly and sustainable company. 

In order to ensure that environmental friendliness and sustainability improve, it is important for companies to remain innovative. By showing consumers that you are responsible for this, you also have good marketing at your disposal. 

Especially since many consumers will look at the sustainability of a product, it is important to invest in this. You can best see this as a way of investing in the future of your company. That is what you are doing with this. 

Kelly Verbunt
Content coördinator
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Writing is something Kelly has always loved. Nothing like being able to put your creativity into a text to convince, inform or simply entertain people!

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