Which is it? The blog or the blog...

Friday 27 august 2021

A question that gives many of us sleepless nights. Every time we talk about this and you hear someone say "the blog", you immediately think, is it the blog or the blog? Which one is it?

We have the answer and will, through this article, ensure that you never have to stress again when writing a blog or article. There is no one left who can improve you. There is no one left who can make you doubt the way you write.



We come to this subject naturally, because we wanted to start writing blogs ourselves and ran into the same problem. We had to look it up just to be sure, because it is obviously sloppy when you, as a content creator, cannot even use the proper form. 

We have come across both forms eighty times and that makes it even more confusing. Especially when you search for famous bloggers and then one uses the blog and the other the blog. You can't see the wood for the trees anymore. 

The blog, the blog, this blog, that blog...

We won't keep you in suspense any longer and we'll give you the good news, because... Both can be done: the blog and the blog are both correct!

You're probably thinking how this is possible. It's quite simple really, because:

Blog comes from the English word 'weblog'. Blog is a shortened version of this word, which means that 'the blog' and 'the blog' are both correct. 

It's funny actually, because there are lots of people who swear by 'the blog' and even more people who swear by the spelling of 'the blog'. Very funny of course, because it doesn't matter which form you use. Both are good! 

Can I just choose which form I use?

This is correct. In this case, you are your own boss and you can decide what form you use to write your article. However, we strongly recommend you to make a choice and keep that form in the article. 

It would be weird if you start your article with 'the blog I am writing for you' and then end it with 'I hope you liked the blog'. That's going to get some angry looks and people won't understand. Let's be very honest about this, because we bloggers won't understand it either. 

So: 'the blog' and 'the blog' are both good. Make a clear choice about which form you choose and keep using it. Do not mix up the forms. 

Good luck with writing blogs!

Kelly Verbunt
Content coördinator
We would love to help you!
Writing is something Kelly has always loved. Nothing like being able to put your creativity into a text to convince, inform or simply entertain people!

Kelly was looking for a place where she could combine her passion for writing with her broad interest in online marketing. At Digital Newsgroup B.V. she feels like a fish in the water. Every day she enthusiastically dedicates herself to the online marketing of our clients. Kelly’s specialism lies within content marketing.


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