Content marketer

Content marketing is indispensable for every entrepreneur. But what does it mean exactly? Simply put, it means a marketing strategy that makes products or services known to a specific target group in an attractive and above all relevant way. The aim is not only to promote one's own products and/or services, but above all to help the consumer make choices.

What does a content marketer do? 

The essence of content marketing is often lost sight of. Promoting products and/or services should not be the ultimate goal. Providing the right information and helping the consumer on his way, on the other hand, should be. By promoting products and services in a neutral way and providing real information, one builds trust with the consumer. You retain the authenticity that is necessary to gain the consumer's sympathy. When this is done consistently, it will be rewarded with positive word-of-mouth and a so-called brand preference. When creating the right content, it is important to have a professional. A so-called content marketer. But what does he do exactly? And what can he do for you? 

A content marketeer is specialised in setting up the right content marketing campaign. This marketer knows exactly what people are looking for and how to provide the right valuable information. He also has the possibilities and channels to place valuable content and thus increase the findability of a company. This is important for several reasons: 

Social media is nowadays full of advertisements. These all demand the attention of potential customers. If you don't stand out from the crowd, you could lose potential customers to the competition.

Increasing your findability on Google remains extremely difficult. There are an enormous number of companies and it is hardly possible to offer something that has never been done before or to sell products that cannot be found elsewhere. Every company wants to maintain a good competitive position. Through good content it is possible to maintain and even improve the position within Google. Thus, entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to attract more visitors and retain customers. 

Better customer loyalty

A better findability of the company is crucial to continue to exist in the current times. Due to the enormous influence of the Internet and social media, it is more important than ever to exert influence on various channels. Not only should you look for the right way to promote your products and services, but also to inspire, engage and attract customers. In other words, create customers within the current target group and then retain the customer for the long term. Customers who return time and again for products and/or services are worth their weight in gold for a company. A content marketer can play an enormous role in this. 

A small comment 

Content marketing may not seem too difficult. Delivering unique content... you can do that yourself, can't you? If you think so, you are very wrong. Setting up a good content marketing campaign is much harder than you think. Moreover, there are a few things to take into account. 

The focus with content marketing is not directly on promoting a product or service (indirectly, of course), but on providing valuable content. Information which is of real use to the target group, content which is interesting to see or read and which can help in making choices. This involves a lot. We need to look at the behaviour of the target group, the things that make them enthusiastic and we need to focus on the wishes of this target group. What exactly does your target group want to see and read? 

Take the example of posting a blog post. In that case, you don't want to post a commercial story about your products or services, but you want to give the consumer really valuable information. For example, an energy supplier would benefit much more from a blog post explaining how to compare energy and what savings are possible than from a commercial talk about their own services. This makes the content look less commercial than an advertisement. Something that is not only better appreciated by the consumer, but also by Google. 

Benefits of content marketing 

A content marketer makes sure that the content marketing of your company or organisation is well organised. But how can you apply this exactly?  

A good example of online marketing is the posting of a blog post or an interesting video. Content that is of real use to visitors. That is why it is a good idea to hire professionals for this. Have a video made by someone who does this every day or create a nice blog post. Hereby you inspire potential customers with relevant content where they really get inspired or will be helped with.

What can we help with content marketing?

It reinforces other marketing strategies. In other words, by investing in relevant content you ensure that other forms of marketing will be more successful. A good example is the way you can increase the Google ranking of your website with good content. This makes you easier to find for the general public, you get more visitors and you also strengthen the personal relationship with the consumer.

An important advantage of content marketing is that it also increases the authenticity of the company. By writing about relevant and valuable topics, you ensure that your company is more reliably found by consumers and shows that it understands multiple facets. Building a relationship of trust with consumers is very important in order to not only attract them, but also to bind them to you.

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