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For those who are already familiar with the world of online marketing, the acronym SEO probably does not sound completely unfamiliar. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, the way in which you can make a website rank higher in Google. SEO is very comprehensive. It actually includes everything that can contribute to a higher position in Google. Examples include the use of good titles, placing the right content and optimising the website.

The 10 advantages of engaging an SEO marketing agency 

The SEO work can be carried out entirely by yourself. Yet this is not always advisable. SEO marketing is not only very complex and comprehensive, but it also takes a lot of time. Moreover, the results are not always entirely to your liking. Especially if you have little understanding of it. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you will always have to make a consideration. Will you choose to devote a large part of your time to strengthening the SEO of your website? Or do you choose to outsource this to an SEO marketing agency? To make this decision, it is important to know more about the benefits of such cooperation. Why is the use of an SEO marketing agency in many cases the best choice? In this article, we will give you ten advantages of using an SEO marketing agency. 

1. No cure, no pay 

It is often exciting to start a collaboration. Especially for small entrepreneurs. Of course it costs money to outsource things like SEO. However, you should realise that this often also generates a lot of profit. Moreover, many marketing agencies work according to a so-called 'no cure, no pay' mentality. This means that the results of their work are clearly analysed and shared. When there is actually a positive change to be seen, you will be charged for it. Is this not the case? Then you do not have to pay anything. 

The costs of engaging an SEO marketing agency may be disappointing. However, in most cases it yields much more than it costs. When the findability of your website improves, it will automatically have an effect on the amount of potential customers that visit your webpage. And the more potential customers, the bigger the chance that purchases are made and the higher the turnover. 

Also consider how much it will cost if you do the SEO work yourself. Here, it is important to take into account that you will probably have to try out many things first to see if they really have an effect. Without any experience or the tools to quickly check what work is effective, 

2. Keeping up with SEO 

SEO work can really take some time. When you take it on yourself, you may think it's worth it. Once it runs, it runs. However, if you think this, you are very wrong. This is the biggest mistake you can make. Google is constantly changing its algorithm. As a result, there is a big chance that your website will not be visible (or less visible) in no time if you do not follow the latest developments properly. Moreover, SEO marketing is very complex. What works well at one moment, can be very disappointing at the next. 

That is why it is important to keep the SEO of your website up to date. This not only takes a lot of time, but also requires the necessary expertise. Optimising and fine-tuning SEO marketing is a long-term process. A little extra help is never wrong. 

3. On top of the latest SEO trends 

If you decide to engage the help of a SEO marketing agency, they will first ask you about your goals. What can this agency do for you exactly? Do you want to improve the overall findability of your website? Get more followers on social media? Or do you want to promote a completely new product or a specific service? But is all this not really going according to plan? Then the SEO marketing agency will determine a strategy based on this goal (or multiple goals). They always do this in consultation with you. 

When you hire a good marketing agency, you can assume that they actually know what to do, how to implement this and how they can work as successfully as possible. In addition, they should be completely up to date with the latest SEO trends

Did you know that you can also have a check carried out by an SEO marketing agency? For example, because you doubt the strength of your web texts or wonder if you can improve more. They can come up with customised advice and, in consultation with you, perhaps make some new additions. 

4. Saving time 

One of the biggest advantages of using an SEO marketing agency is saving time. To really successfully apply SEO techniques, you will need to invest a lot of time. Not only to apply the techniques, but also to increase your knowledge and to keep that knowledge up to date. 

SEO is very comprehensive and a very complex thing. Moreover, it changes almost constantly. Therefore, it is almost impossible to keep up with all the latest trends. Provided that you do not want to be busy with your business 24/7. 

Think carefully whether it is worth it for you to take care of everything yourself. After all, this is also time you could have spent making products or fine-tuning services. Or in the contact with the consumer. Improving the SEO of your website should never come at the expense of the company itself. 

Some entrepreneurs choose to appoint someone within their company to take on these tasks. In most cases, however, you will spend a lot more money than when you hire a SEO marketing agency to take on these tasks. If you want to save time and money, you are better off working with an SEO agency in the long run. 

5. Industry knowledge 

Nowadays there are many different SEO marketing agencies available. The biggest advantage of this is that there is always a SEO marketing agency that suits you and your company. And that's important, because in addition to knowledge of SEO, it is also nice if these marketers understand your business. Fortunately, most marketing agencies have experience with different industries. Moreover, there are also SEO specialists who have specialised in specific branches. It is certainly good to look into this. That way, you can be sure that the specialist not only takes into account the latest SEO trends, but also looks at what best suits your business. 

It is nice when they know about several big competitors and at the same time know how these big names have increased the findability of their company. By learning from this competition they can also tell you what will be needed to increase the findability and what content will fit in. 

Asking for the necessary industry knowledge is therefore not at all crazy and only provides additional benefits for the SEO of the company. 

6. Neutral view of the organisation 

Applying SEO techniques yourself can - if done correctly - save money. A major disadvantage is that you often cannot see the errors (or things that simply need improvement) yourself. Simply because you are too close to them. If something happens before your eyes, it is often more difficult to see. Especially when you are also very close to it in terms of feeling. By engaging an SEO marketing agency you benefit from one major advantage: a neutral view of the organisation. 

Because they can look at your website with a whole new and above all neutral view, they may see things that you had never noticed before. This way, the SEO trends that really apply to the company can be used and adjustments can be made if necessary. 

Did you know that some SEO marketing agencies offer a free custom plan? The SEO specialists look at what is needed to put your company back on the digital map and how you can best approach this. They also point out possible mistakes and then make a quote of the costs that will be incurred. The final decision always lies with the company itself. 

7. Hiring your own staff takes time 

Even if you were to hire a whole SEO team for your own company, it would still take a lot of time. Just think how much time it will take to conduct multiple job interviews. To introduce the staff to the company. To develop a relationship of trust. Moreover, you are then immediately tied to several contracts. It will not only cost you a lot of time, but in most cases also a lot of money. 

This, while you hire an SEO marketing agency often within a short time a good team behind you. Moreover, you are not tied to anything. If it is not convenient and it is not financially possible to keep the team, then you can take a break or stop the cooperation within a short time. 

In short, working with an SEO marketing agency gives you more freedom and saves you money and time in the long run. 

8. Trust for the long term

When you enter into a partnership with an SEO marketing agency, you know for sure that you are optimising SEO within the company for the coming period. There is always a specialist team ready for you when you have questions or simply need some extra help. Moreover, you know that this company will continue to be there for you. When you work with your own staff, you usually have much less continuity. After all, your own staff can always decide to quit. You also have to take holidays and illness into account. Because of this, it is always good to have extra people on hand, but that also costs money. 

Moreover, if the staff decide to leave, a new employee will have to be hired within a short period of time. This new employee must also be completely familiarised with the current marketing strategy and SEO trends to be followed. This is extremely time-consuming and not always to the company's advantage. 

Thanks to the help of an SEO marketing agency, you know where you stand and that you can always rely on someone within the company, without having to train them yourself. Practical, fast and in the long run, inexpensive.

9. No extra worries 

A cooperation with an SEO marketing agency also provides a little extra peace of mind. Thanks to this cooperation, you know that the SEO part within the company is well organised. That the online marketing is thought of. That it delivers results. One thing you do not have to worry about in any case. 

After all, every entrepreneur knows that running your own business can be incredibly stressful. Sometimes you are working late into the night and a really free weekend is almost non-existent. By delegating and outsourcing certain tasks, you not only ensure a more effective SEO campaign, but you also give yourself an extra bit of rest. Peace of mind that you can run your business the way you want to. 

10. Measurable results 

If you choose to take SEO marketing entirely into your own hands, you may notice that measuring the results is not too easy. In other words, there are plenty of programmes you can use for this. But do you know how to interpret the data correctly? An SEO marketing agency can take care of this for you. They not only ensure that the SEO is on point, but also that you can see how effective the campaign has been. 

Many SEO marketing agencies compile a monthly report to show what the effects of their work have been. In this way, you can easily see what effects have been achieved, what could be improved and you can also indicate your personal wishes with regard to the SEO of the company. Do not be afraid to come up with your own ideas. This can be very useful for SEO specialists. After all, you know the target group of your company best. 

Conclusion: commission an SEO marketing agency or do it yourself? 

Do you engage a SEO marketing agency or do you apply SEO techniques yourself? This decision is of course entirely up to you. Some entrepreneurs apply SEO techniques themselves and appear to be very successful at it. In that case, it is of course easy to save extra money, because the application of most SEO techniques does not have to cost much money. However, in most cases it is not realistic to think that you can do everything yourself. 

Therefore, it is also possible to choose a middle way. For example, let a professional SEO marketing agency draw up a strategic plan and, in return for payment, discover what can be improved within the SEO of the company. Based on this information, you can then take steps to ensure that these plans will actually be effective. You can also choose to tackle some (simple) SEO techniques yourself and leave the more complex SEO trends to the professionals.

Do you choose to engage an SEO marketing agency? Then you benefit from some great advantages. You save a lot of time, you know for sure that the SEO of the company is handled in the right way, you enjoy measurable results and it is no longer necessary to hire additional staff. Moreover, an SEO marketing agency also gives a neutral and fresh look at the company. Make sure you choose an SEO marketer who understands the industry in which you work. There is nothing more annoying than working with a marketer who has little understanding of the work you do. In addition, it is also nice if they know some of the big names and also know how they have tackled their SEO. Learning from the competition is more important than ever these days. 

In the end, there is no right or wrong. By making a choice that suits you, you ensure peace of mind within the company and you increase the findability of your website. 

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