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What is


SEO, also called search engine optimization or search engine optimization, is among one of the most important elements within online marketing. It forms the basis of many other online marketing strategies. SEO is very complex, but can - if done correctly - lead to more organic search traffic to a website. Because of the complexity of seo, it is increasingly being outsourced. Outsourcing SEO is a smart way to attract more visitors.


But what exactly is SEO? What are its benefits? How is it applied? And is it possible to improve existing SEO? Outsource SEO: find everything you need to know here!

This is how we operate!
Step 1
Customized link building analysis and advice
Step 2
Database + network query
Step 3
Writing SEO blogs with the right anchor texts and permalinks
Step 4
Blog posting and transparent reports to the customer

How to work


SEO outsourcing is almost an inevitable strategy for ranking higher in search results. But why is SEO so important?


First of all, because competitors are doing the same. By now we all know how important the Internet has become in everyday life. Think for yourself how often you consult the Internet to find information, services or products. Whereas previously one mainly used the newspaper, book or brochure to find such information, nowadays this is hardly an issue. Through a search engine, you have lightning-fast access to all the information you need. As an entrepreneur, your largest target audience is therefore to be found on the Internet. Here are opportunities to attract a larger audience. Anyone who wants to reach potential customers would do well to opt for seo outsourcing.


SEO is used primarily to rank higher in the search engines and thus drive more organic search traffic to a website. Several strategies can be used for this purpose. Many of these strategies lead to an improvement of the website. This can be in the form of better formatting and texts, for example. This has benefits for a company. After all, a Web site is the company's business card. It contains the information the visitor needs to create an opinion about the company. Thus, an optimized website also contributes to a better image.


SEO and SEA are terms that are often used side by side. Sometimes they are even used haphazardly and people are not really aware of the differences between the two. However, SEO and SEA are two completely different elements within online marketing. SEO stands for search engine optimization and focuses primarily on bringing in organic search traffic. By improving the website and optimizing it for Google, better results are achieved. SEO stands for Search Engine Advertising. In other words, paid advertising. SEA is a smart way to get quick results in the short term. However, the website will need to be optimized to achieve sustainable results. In practice, a mix between SEO and SEA is often used.

Digital Newsgroup's SEO professionals combine the perfect mix of SEO activities for you to achieve your monthly SEO goals.


We have the knowledge and experience and, not to mention, also the enormous passion to take care of you from A to Z. So we will do everything we can to get your Google positions up. SEO requires knowledge, time and energy: people sometimes say that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Digital Newsgroup is a specialized digital marketing agency that can help you!

Why outsource your SEO

To Digital Newsgroup?

Consult the right network or database

We have several years of experience in SEO and will provide you with it. A cup of coffee in the morning and our SEO specialists will be ready to take your SEO to the next level.

Natural link building

Our SEO specialists will be up to date with all trends & developments in SEO at all times. We strive to help you in the best way possible, so this is very important to us.

Quality link building

We try to use our own "touch" to help each client in a customized way. That means we are approachable and you will have regular Digital Newsgroup (DNG) employees. This is how we try to uphold our own & approachable core values.

Rank higher in Google

We are certainly unique in the way we work, but is Digital Newsgroup also versatile when it comes to SEO? We think so! SEO can be divided into three main categories: on page SEO, off page SEO and technology. We have enough knowledge of all 3 facets to help you the best we can!

Questions about SEO?

Want to know what Digital Newsgroup can do for you? Our SEO specialists are always ready for you. Would you just like to come and have a cup of coffee with us? That is always possible too! (+31) 013-7370151

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