DNG Marketplace

A DNG marketplace where you can tap 3 services to increase your authority. 


  • Blog marketplace
  • Influencer marketplace
  • PR campaigns


With our DNG marketplace, we ensure that supply and demand come together to help customers in the best possible way by offering the highest possible quality. 


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Blog Marketplace

Digital Newsgroup's blog marketplace is one big platform that anyone can use. It works both ways, namely:

  1. Request: clients who come to us to post blogs on relevant websites. This could be for a piece of SEO (link building) or a piece of PR.
  2. Offer: websites that can sign up. We provide publicity and a platform that helps generate sales.

In this way, we try to bring supply and demand together as quickly and easily as possible. We have the platform that offers more than 100,000 websites, you get to use it!

Blog Marketplace

Influencer Marketplace

It's a term you can't ignore as a brand or online marketer in 2022: influencer marketing. Vloggers, bloggers and other social media influencers collectively reach an increasingly large audience and are increasingly seen as an authority within their niches. Ideal if, as a company, you want to communicate with your target audience but don't have that right click.


What is an Influencer Marketplace?

Influencer marketplaces, also called influencer databases or networks, are software that scour the Web for social media accounts identified as "influential" - generally meaning accounts with more than 5,000 followers. Brands can then filter through thousands of influencers by demographics such as gender, content type or location.

Influencer Marketplace


Getting your brand noticed and not just seen is becoming increasingly difficult. Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising - up to 10,000 ad impressions a day. a strong PR campaign can be a game-changer for brands.


A successful PR campaign hinges on a strong communications strategy. Create the right message for your audience, choose the right channels and grab that publicity!

PR Campagnes

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