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Digital Newsgroup's blog marketplace is one big platform that anyone can use. It works two ways, namely:


  1. Question: clients who sign up with us to post blogs on relevant websites. This could be for a bit of SEO (link building) or a bit of PR.
  2. Offering: websites that our platform offers. We provide the publicity and one big gathering place for websites that one can use for SEO or PR purposes.


What are the fine print?

We do not have them! It takes a lot of effort for us to search every day for good and relevant websites that want to use our platform and want to collaborate with us. In exchange for your registrations we keep our marketplace up to date,


In this way we try to bring supply and demand together as quickly and easily as possible. We have the platform that offers over 100,000 websites, you get article take downs when people are interested in your website. 

This is how we operate!
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Step 4
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Digital Newsgroup

We have a global blog marketplace of over 100,000 websites. A regular customer base that uses our database, but in addition we also get new visitors every week who are interested in our platform. 


It is completely free to be in the marketplace and you are not tied to anything else. The only thing that will bother you from time to time is that we will contact you because a customer finds your website relevant and would like to place an article on your website. In the worst case, this will generate extra income through your website. Very annoying, but a win-win situation, right?

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