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Influencer marketing is a hot topic in the online marketing world. Whereas a few years ago, 'influencer' was rarely considered a profession, it is now something that some people are very successful at. If you talk to people on the street, they will quickly name one or more influencers that they follow on social media. Influencer marketing is perhaps a less well-known term. At least for those who have not used it yet. However, the reality is that more and more entrepreneurs are making use of influencer marketing. And - provided it is done in the right way - with success. You have probably heard of it or are curious whether this form of marketing can also be successful for your company. And what can an influencer marketing agency do for you exactly? Time to get all the facts at a glance.

What is influencer marketing agency?

In order to understand what an influencer marketing agency does exactly, it is first important to know the definition of influencer marketing. Because what is it exactly? What is an influencer anyway?

Most people know one or more influencers. In short, these are well-known or everyday people who have gathered an entire group of followers over the years (in some cases even in a very short time). Because of this huge audience, they are able to reach a lot of people quickly. Partly because of their influence, this can also encourage people to buy certain products or try out different services. Companies and organisations are able to reach a larger part of their own target group through influencers.

The activities that companies and organisations do in collaboration with influencers is called influencer marketing. In practice, this can include many different things. Think, for example, of special win campaigns promoted by an influencer. Or supplying products to the influencer, so that he or she can give his or her own unvarnished (positive!) opinion about them and thus get more people interested in the company's offering. Suchcontent can be used on various channels. An extensive review on a blog for example. Or a funny movie on TikTok for a somewhat younger target group.


But how effective is influencer marketing really? Marketers are clear about this. When it is done in the right way, it is very effective!

With this form of marketing, you advertise to a specific target group. You contact influencers who are close to your target group. Think of a vlogging mother and let her promote baby clothes. Chances are that a large part of her followers are young or expectant mothers. This makes the chance of success much greater.

Now compare this with other forms of marketing. Marketing forms that you have probably already used several times. With these, it is often not - or less - possible to reach your specific target group. You often aim for a broad audience. While you know that only a part of them is really interested in your services or products. Influencer marketing is therefore not only much more effective than most other forms of marketing, but also saves on marketing budgets.

Is influencer marketing something for me?

Can influencer marketing do anything for my company? A question that is often asked at an influencer marketing agency. This is entirely logical, as we all know that not everyform of marketing is equally suitable. However, this is different with influencer marketing. The truth is that influencer marketing can be used in such a wide variety of ways that it is almost certain to benefit your company or organisation. However, the extent to which the campaign is effective does vary. For some companies, collaborations with influencers are almost indispensable, while there are also niches where a campaign in combination with other forms of marketing is effective, but will not be as effective on its own. It is therefore important to find the right balance and to engage an influencer marketing agency to get all the facts right. Several factors are important in this respect.

First of all, it is important to know whether your target group is actually in contact with different influencers. Just compare a younger generation with seniors. Chances are that the younger generation is frequently found on social media, while seniors are generally underrepresented. It is therefore important to consider this before using influencer marketing.

Also, keep in mind that most influencers want as much freedom as possible in how they present a company or organisation. Therefore, you cannot dictate what is said about certain products or services. Of course, paid content will always be placed in consultation, but remember that the cooperation with the influencer is also very important. So is not disrupting creative content. Is this something you can support as an entrepreneur?

By answering questions such as these and carefully considering whether this form of marketing will have the desired effect, you ensure that the road is cleared to address a target group in a more targeted manner. This is where an influencer marketing agency will come in handy.

Why hire an influencer marketing agency?

Finding influencers may not be too difficult, but do you also succeed in finding the right influencers? Making a name for a company sometimes seems easier than it actually is. Also, estimating the right target audience is not always easy. Sometimes, big mistakes are made in this respect, at the expense of the marketing budget and effectiveness. A shame! But fortunately, in most cases, this can be easily prevented. An influencer marketing agency can help with this.

An influencer marketing agency has access to a large number of collaborations with influencers. In consultation with a company or organisation, they can determine which influencers best represent the target group. For companies, it is a time-consuming task to find out which influencers have the right followers and what they can do for the company. In short, you save time and ultimately money by outsourcing this work. That way, you know for sure that the campaign will hit its target.

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