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The moment your company wants to be better found, it can be a good choice to make use of an influencer agency. An agency specialised in influencer marketing can help you enormously to be found better on the internet. An influencer agency uses the reach of influencers to promote companies, products or services.

What is an influencer?

It is useful to first know what an influencer exactly is. This is because an influencer is a difficult term that not everyone knows. However, this term is not too difficult to explain. An influencer is someone who has influence over a certain group of people.

The term influencer is often accompanied by the term social media. This is because influencers mainly appear on social media. It is therefore a broad concept. Influencers can be found on every different social media platform.
Influencers can be found mainly on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Youtube. Because these people have an influence on their viewers, they can influence their choices. This is where the term influencer comes in.

The term influencer is a very broad one. However, this term is often used to refer to well-known users on social media. Influencing choices is something we do for others almost every day. However, this does not mean that you can call yourself an influencer.

Because the term 'influencer' is so broad, it is also difficult to determine its exact meaning. However, this does not apply when using an influencer agency. This is because the agency focuses on the major influencers on the well-known social media.

What does an influencer agency do?

An influencer agency is a company that tries to increase the number of its clients. They do this by using the influence that influencers can exert on their target group. This influence can be very large. The choices of the target group can be influenced by this influence.

The way in which an influencer agency uses the influencers and the social media on which they can be found, is also called social media marketing. As a company, this can be one of the most beneficial ways to increase sales.

Social media marketing

An influencer agency always makes use of social media marketing. Social media marketing is in short all marketing that is done through social media. It is an easy way to make your website accessible to potential buyers.

Social media marketing is useful for any company that wants to sell a product or service. This is because a very large part of your target group can be found online. Through social media marketing, this target group is easy to reach.

On social media, most people are looking for interaction, information or entertainment. Influencers are especially useful in the entertainment part. This is because they provide some of the entertainment online. This can be useful to make use of.

Within social media marketing, you can see an influencer as a tool for building a connection between the products or services of your company and the potential buyer.

Polarisation in social media

Nowadays, social media actually always make use of an algorithm. The algorithm ensures that you get to see what you are looking for. However, this algorithm also creates a certain polarisation within the social media.
The moment you anticipate this well, you can gain a great advantage from it. This is because it ensures that the target groups you can have are usually already divided into groups on the social media. This is something you can capitalise on.

What is polarisation?

Probably you are now wondering what exactly polarisation is. Fortunately, this is easy to explain. Polarisation can be traced back to the poles that we also have in the world. These are the opposites in the world.

This is also how it works on social media. The moment you look something up or find something interesting on social media, the algorithm recognises it. This means that slowly but surely you are driven further and further towards a certain target group.
This polarisation clearly defines the target groups you can have as a company. Furthermore, there are often a number of specific influencers who belong to this target group. By capitalising on this, you can reach many extra potential customers.

Using the polarisation

One of the most important things an influencer agency does is to make use of the polarisation in social media. Because this polarisation actually occurs in every social media, it is important to make good use of it.
Fortunately, it is not too difficult to make use of this polarisation. First of all, it is important to look together at which influencers cover this target group. This can be in a certain language, but you can also aim high with well-known English influencers.

Once you have determined this, you can try to get in touch with the influencers. This is sometimes quite difficult to do. This is because not every influencer wants to advertise every product. This is also something you need to take into account. This is why you also have to choose the right influencer for the promotion of your product or service.

Using the influencers

The thing that an influencer agency is specialised in is making optimal use of the influencers. This does not only involve capitalising on the capabilities of the influencer, but also looking at the exact number of potential customers an influencer can bring in.


When you advertise, you naturally want to do this as efficiently as possible. This is because otherwise you can incur a lot of extra costs. You don't want that, of course.

Influencers are very efficient to work with. This is because there is an umbrella influencer for each target group or niche market. If you work with the right influencers, you also reach the right people. This is easy to compare with the original forms of marketing.

In the original forms of marketing, you invest money in a campaign in order to reach as many people as possible. However, you know that only part of this reach belongs to your target group. With an influencer, this works differently.

The target group you are looking for is addressed directly by the influencer in question. This ensures that you use your marketing budget much more efficiently. It is very important to do this.


Besides the fact that using influencers is efficient, it is also very effective. Because people are overwhelmed by advertising and marketing nowadays, they pay less and less attention to the original forms of marketing. Actually, every target group has this.

However, the target group that you have is still addressed by the influencer in question. This is because social media is not seen by most people as an original marketing channel.

The advantage of influencers is that they are often seen as friends, examples or experts in certain fields. An influencer sometimes gives the feeling that the followers know them personally.

Because followers have the feeling that they know the influencer personally, the message will be accepted sooner. This is, of course, a great advantage. The message you want to get across with your ad is usually received as advice from an expert or close friend.

Things to determine for influencer marketing

There are a few things that are important to determine first before you start influencer marketing. In order to get help with this, it's a good idea to turn to an influencer agency. They know a lot about the things you need to determine for influencer marketing.

The target group

First of all, it is important to determine the target group. This is because you need to have a good target group that is easily accessible to influencers. The elderly, for instance, are not very accessible to influencer marketing.

The moment your target group is younger, you will benefit the most from influencer marketing. This is because they are the most likely to accept influencers and are the most likely to be found on social media.

Furthermore, a younger target group is often more polarised than an older one. This is because the younger target group has been using social media for longer. The longer you use social media, the more polarisation takes place.
If you want your products or services to appeal especially to younger people, it is important to arrange an influencer for this. The chances are that this target group can be found on social media.

The influencers

Secondly, it is important to make a list of the influencers you do want to work with. This is because not every influencer is equally suitable for every target group. If you're dealing with a niche market, this target group will be even smaller.
The moment you have to deal with this, it is not too difficult to solve. This is because for every niche market you can find an influencer who covers the subject. This is because this is something that some people are looking for.
It is also important to look at the influencer himself. This is because the collaboration must be natural. The moment an influencer does not like a product or service at all, this can easily be seen in the photos and videos. The better the agreement between influencer and company, the more an influencer can do for you.

A smooth collaboration

Finally, it's important to make sure the collaboration goes smoothly. After all, you should have control over what is posted about your company. However, you can best see an influencer as a kind of artist.

An influencer needs a certain space to put his own creative spin on a subject. This is why it is important to give them enough freedom. By giving enough freedom, you ensure that the cooperation will run smoothly. This also prevents mutual irritations.

A blogger who is an influencer can write a positive text about your product or service and an online model can wear your clothes in a post so that others will like them too. It can be tricky sometimes, but it's important to keep the balance between control and creative freedom.

The costs of influencer marketing

The moment you make use of influencer marketing, you can expect to incur some costs. This is because influencers usually don't offer their services for free. This is why it can be useful to know the price of influencer marketing.
The price you pay for influencer marketing is actually determined by the influencer himself. This is because you pay them for their services. The price is something that is often agreed upon in advance in order to have clarity on the matter. The biggest factor in the price for an influencer is the familiarity of the influencer.

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