Content marketing examples

Content marketing is extremely versatile. When people talk about content marketing, it is often not entirely clear what is meant. Mentioning a number of content marketing examples? That is almost impossible for many entrepreneurs. What is content exactly? When do we speak of content marketing? And what can you actually do with it? Is it really as important as people always say? Can you do without it at all?

Content marketing is, simply put, the sharing of informative, stimulating and informative content. Not always to advertise, but to provide the target group with reliable information. By doing this consistently, the company will eventually be rewarded by the target group. After all, not only do you acquire authenticity, but you are also seen as a good source of information. That is worth gold.

Content marketing is a very broad concept. To better understand what a content marketer can do for you, it is good to know more about the different types of content. Therefore, we have listed a number of frequently used content marketing examples for you.

The effect of video on a company, brand or organisation

One of the most important - and also one of the newest - effective ways of content marketing is to use video. Remarkably, this is still too often forgotten. Strange really. Why do we invest a lot of time and effort to end up higher in Google? But do we leave the second largest search engine, YouTube, out of the equation in many cases? There is more to be achieved here than you think.

Various studies have clearly shown that video can yield enormous results. It responds to people's audiovisual desire. Communication is still the most important form of communication. Lengthy texts do not always come close to this. With video, you are able to communicate creatively with the target group, share informative or just playful content.

Easier than ever

When audiovisual applications are used in the right way, they can have an enormous effect on a brand, company or organisation. What's more, you can upload videos to multiple channels. Not only YouTube, but also social media channels. It is also very easy to do. You do not have to be a great editing talent to put together a good video these days. The latest equipment is not necessary either. It is all about the message. Whether you can really stimulate the target group to watch more.

When placing unique content on YouTube, collect as many subscribers as possible. This will create brand awareness, a bond of trust and can even generate money if you become a really big name on this channel.

The importance of a content marketer

A content marketer helps you compose the right content to put in videos. It depends a lot on the business what kind of content you can share. A photographer, for example, can make vlogs to take people behind the scenes of his or her work. This is not only interesting to watch, but also helps potential customers to understand how you work. By sharing videos via social media, placing them on your website or promoting them in other ways, you will also end up higher in Google's algorithm. Win-win!

Blogging, blogging and more blogging!

Where would we be without blogs? Writing blog posts is still one of the most important content marketing examples. Most entrepreneurs are very interested in posting blogs about their services or products. Not without reason. By writing blogs consistently, you can make a name for your company relatively quickly. The company is easier to find through Google, you gather greater brand awareness and makes a name for yourself as a reliable source of information. But how do you approach writing blog posts exactly?

Your own blog

There are several ways to publish a blog. you can publish blog posts. You can choose to maintain a separate blog next to your website (or create a separate section on your webpage for this). However, you can also choose to contact other relevant blogs. By publishing content on these blogs (for a fee), you ensure that your products and services are shown across the world wide web. The bigger (and more relevant) the blog, the better.

Relevant and valuable content

Writing good blog posts is a trade in itself. Of course, the ultimate goal is to reach the target group and thereby make a name for your own company. However, you don't want to just post an advertisement online. Google's algorithm sees right through this. If blogs are considered spam, this can even have a negative effect on your position in Google. Therefore, it is important to pay particular attention to the relevance of a blog. Do you sell women's clothes? Then write a blog about the fashion trends for the coming season and end with a link to your webpage. This way you provide interesting information that really captivates the female audience and the article is not all about advertising.

Many entrepreneurs hire someone to post blogs on a weekly or even daily basis. When this is done consistently, it will have a great effect on the position within Google. Involving a content marketer in this is definitely recommended.

E-mail marketing

The content marketing examples actually never end. There are many different ways to conduct a content marketing campaign. E-mail marketing is sometimes seen as a separate form of marketing, but we can also largely count it as content marketing.

E-mail marketing includes all forms of marketing that are carried out by e-mail. Think for instance of the distribution of newsletters, discount actions, and so on. By stimulating people to subscribe to newsletters and actions, you are able to get more insight into your customer base. In addition, you make it easier to ensure that customers will actually come back.

However, also with e-mail marketing one should not forget that the content that is shared is actually interesting to read. If a company only sends one-sided advertising, this will quickly have a detrimental effect on the company's credibility. In addition, there is a good chance that everyone will unsubscribe soon afterwards.

Therefore, make sure that newsletters are written that are actually interesting for the target group and possible repeat customers. Not every newsletter needs to refer to your own products and/or services. For example, a clothing shop can write about the consultation with the designers of that year. What colours are interesting for the coming season? And what is your brand interested in in terms of fabrics, colours and patterns? By sharing such interesting facts, information and news, you ensure that your target group looks forward to the newsletter. Read it with interest and actually benefit from it. And that's a great return on investment!

Social media

Being active on social media has become more important than ever in recent years. Don't be afraid, this does not mean that you have to be active on every social media channel. It is good to choose a channel that suits you best. A photographer, for example, will benefit more from Instagram and Facebook, while a writer will be better off using Twitter.

By being active on social media, you are more likely to be recognised by Google's algorithm. This ensures better findability. Moreover, social media also gives you one big advantage. Thanks to such channels, you can communicate with your target group. Getting feedback is easier than ever. Gaining insight into the ups and downs of the target group has never been easier. And that insight is worth its weight in gold. It not only teaches you to make a name for your company in the right way, but also to adapt products and services entirely to the wishes of the target group.


Do it yourself or hire a content marketing agency?

Now that you know how it all works, the question is whether you want to do it yourself or whether you want to outsource it to a content marketing agency. You can of course make sure that your website is in order. However, this will take a lot of time. Not only in writing the texts, but also in finding out how you should approach this exactly for the best results. Digital Newsgroup knows all the latest developments in the field of SEO and knows exactly how to proceed. This allows them to work quickly and you do not need to lose any time in taking your (online) business to the next level. 

Would you like to grow your business and are you looking for specialists to lift your content to a higher level? Then you have come to the right place at our content marketing agency in Tilburg. We have creative, analytically strong and result-oriented marketers who will take your company to the highest online level. We specialise in content marketing, SEO and link building. Curious about what we can do for you? Then get in touch with us!

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