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Tuesday 17 august 2021

Our very first blog we wrote for Digital Newsgroup bv. What fun, because we started small, but are now growing fast. So we thought it was time (just like all the other big online and digital marketing agencies) to start blogging. We try to put x number of blogs online for you every month. 

Our blogs will vary from blogs about Digital Newsgroup bv as an organization to the latest updates, trends & developments in the field of digital marketing. 

Kantoor Digital Newsgroup

Of course we are also very curious what people think of our blogs. So... do you have any tips, tricks, tops or do you simply want us to discuss a subject that you would like to know more about? Send us an email or just give us a call to have a nice discussion and talk about those turbo snippets that everyone is talking about, but you don't really see the value of. Don't hesitate to let us know, so we have something to do at the office too ;-).

Anyway, back to the order of the day, because after all, this blog is about us: Digital Newsgroup bv!


Who are we really? 

We started up in February 2021. You would think that we are just around the corner in the digital marketing world, but nothing is less true. Digital Newsgroup bv is a digital marketing agency with a lot of professionalism and knowledge within the digital marketing world. You can ask us anything about this and we can solve (almost) anything for you. 

Digital Newsgroup bv is a company that was started from two other companies. One of those companies is a large full service online marketing company and the other is a large company and expert in the field of link building. These two companies sat down together and before they knew it, Digital Newsgroup bv was born. Isn't that cool!

What do we do?

Digital Newsgroup bv is the digital marketing agency that works to increase your online authority through SEO blogs, link building and digital marketing in close cooperation with your company. We have the search engine optimization platform for you for all your SEO placements, influencers, blogs and increasing your online publicity. 

You can easily buy blog placements with quality backlinks from more than 60,000 well-known websites with high domain authority in our 

Digital Newsgroup bv is currently an expert in the field of link building. This is evident from our service we offer and also from our publicity marketplace. We have a large library on our website where you can search from more than 60,000 websites (yes, there are 60,000 websites, it's not a typo!) for placements of strong qualitative blogs with a high domain authority. These blogs also all meet the SEO guidelines. Take a quick look: publicity marketplace.

At the time of writing we already exist 6 months and we have helped many customers with ranking in Google and we will help many more. 

Bar/lounge Digital Newsgroup bv

Fun facts:

  • We have gone international and currently already offer our service and services in 8 countries worldwide.
  • We are located in a building that does scent marketing. So it will always smell good with us.
  • After a busy week of hard work, we have snacks for lunch every Friday. The staff wants something too ;-).
  • We zitten vlakbij het voetbalstadion van Willem II (Tilburgs trots). En net zoals Willem II staan we ook voor goede sportieve resultaten en investeren in capaciteit. 

Furthermore, we went from 1 to 6 employees within 6 months and are still looking hard for new reinforcements. So, do you get excited about the digital marketing world? Then take a look at our vacancy page. Perhaps there is something nice for you between. 

Brandon Bessem
Online marketeer
We helpen je graag!
Marketing was altijd al een kant die hem heel erg aansprak. Wat is nou leuker dan de verkoop van producten of diensten te bevorderen op een creatieve manier? Juist!

Brandon is 5 jaar geleden via zijn HBO studie Ondernemerschap & Retailmanagement in aanraking gekomen met een nieuwe tak (voor hem) in de marketing, namelijk: online marketing. Hij vond het geweldig en is sindsdien niet meer uit het online marketing vak weggegaan. Brandon zijn specialisme ligt binnen SEO.
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